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Forum Rules
Forum Rules

I. General

1. The MMOBoard forum is the MMO Developers forum and the purpose of the forum is to exchange and exchange information between users who are dedicated to developing the MMO.

b.) Forum language is English except Turkey section.

2. All users who are members of the Forum are deemed to have accepted and accepted these rules.

3. Forum Management reserves the right to change these rules without notice.

4. In the interpretation and implementation of the rules, the decisions of the forum administrators shall be valid.

5. A member has the right to open an account in the forum, except for the team members on the MMOBoard team; accounts with multiple accounts are closed.

6. Forum accounts that cannot be used for more than three months can be deleted.

II. Powers and Tasks

7. The most authoritative people in the Forum are the Forum Administrator; forum administrators can assign moderators to help them organize and manage the forum and change them if necessary. Forum administrators; may open a new section of the forum, close existing sections, users who do not obey the rules can be removed from the forum and the rules of the game against the rules of the game may be recommended by the game manager.

8. The duty of the moderators is to prevent violations of the forum rules in the departments where they are authorized. Moderators are authorized only in the forum and cannot interfere with the operation of the game, punishment given in the game. Moderators who are authorized throughout the forum are called super moderators.

9. Responsibilities of written messages belong to the people who write the messages, administrators and moderators cannot be held responsible for the messages written by others.

10. Anyone who arrives to write or read a message to the forum other than the administrator and the conciliator is defined as a member.

III. Terms of forum use

12. The Forum should not be used outside of its purpose;

a.) Continuous message writing to increase the number of messages, making a pyramid (using more than 2 quotes nested) and similar activities are prohibited.

b.) containing one-word answers, created only by using quotation and / or expression (smiley) or "+1", "???" It is forbidden to write messages with meaningless content. Such messages are considered to be written in order to increase the number of messages (SPAM), are against the Forum Rules and are subject to sanction.

c.) write two or more messages in succession within two hours, write the same message in the same subject, be the last message writer on all the topics on the page, continuously write the same message to multiple topics, bump the old titles, against the forum rules and are subject to sanction.

13. More than one title cannot be opened on the same subject. If more than one title is opened in the same section on a topic, the dropdowns are locked. Cross-posting of the same title to more than one section is prohibited.

14. All messages should be written to the relevant sections in the forum. Users who do not comply with this rule are notified, messages are deleted or moved, titles are locked, deleted or moved.


a) It means to write all the letters big and shout. Messages that are capitalized in whole or in large part are deleted. It is forbidden to open subject titles in capital letters.

b) The font used in the messages should be a maximum of 15. Messages written larger than 15 points are subject to sanction.

a) You should pay attention to the words and your language used in the Forum.

b) Messages that threaten insults, sexuality and private life cannot be written. nick (nickname), image, link, avatar and so on.

c) It is forbidden for members to make accusations against each other in the Forum.

In the 17th Forum, there can be no sharing with religion, language, race or politics. Such messages are deleted, and the header can be locked if necessary. The authors of these messages are removed from the forum. This article is not just the text; image, link avatar, and so on.

18. Articles that violate the confidentiality of private life and communication (chat records, private messages, etc.), can be published in the forum with the approval of the names mentioned in the subject. In case of the approval of the members mentioned in the subject, the published articles are subject to sanction.

19. The Forum shall not be used for commercial or personal purposes, messages deleted for commercial or advertising purposes. It is forbidden to link to any personal or commercial sites and forums. These messages are deleted or censored. The authors of these messages are removed from the forum.

20. In order for the discussion in a locked / removed title / message to continue in a new title / message; caption / message locker or administrator should be received permission from the conciliatory

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